The Met Gala is a shortened name for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala. It’s actually a party and fundraiser that inaugurates an annual fashion exhibit created by the Costume Institute. Passes require about $30,000 each and practically every celebrity you can think of attends it.

Every year there’s a “theme” for the costumes highlighted in the museum exhibit, which is also the theme for the gathering. This year the theme is “camp,” inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay, “Notes on Camp.”

What does the theme denote?

Why is that, precisely? Well, It can be melodramatic, it can be subtle, it can even be witty, but no matter what, the camp is a significant way of carrying and displaying the spirit of the age of any time period in culture. The show is a hint that fashion is at its most pleasure when it’s not taking itself too seriously.

Let’s talk about some of the slaying looks from the Met Gala

1.     Lady Gaga

She appeared in a huge, hot-pink Brandon Maxwell dress followed by a staff of at least six men and women bearing umbrellas. They raised up her gown to unveil a black gown. And then another! And another! And another! The Goddess of camp wore four outfits in 15 minutes and provided the fans just the appropriate amount of enthusiasm for the show.

2.     Billy Porter

Billy Porter arrived like the pink-carpet royalty. He was carried by six muscular guys on a pharaoh’s throne. He then opened his tremendous gold wings like a phoenix and it was a marvelous site to witness!

3.     Celine Dion

For the event, Dion wore a sparkly Oscar de la Renta leotard which weighed about 22-pounds. She wore a towering feathered crown and silver Chloe Gosselin shoes. Celine Dion nailed this red carpet look. Half showgirl, half fringe diva, Dion is the representation of the camp theme.

4.     Cardi B

Cardi B slew the red carpet in a tremendous feather gown by Thom Browne that needed its personal unit of handlers to move its way on the red carpet.

The look created a stunning photo op while progressing up the iconic Met Gala staircase.

5.     Zendaya

Zendaya has always been iconic when it comes to Met Gala. This year it was not just a red carpet walk, she did a whole performance right there.

She wore a gown that resembled Disney’s Cinderella and her designer Roach was dressed as her Fairy Godmother. With some smoke and few dramatic strokes from the magic wand, the dress lit up like a dream. She literally left her shoes on the staircase and made the whole Cinderella thing come to life.

6.     Katty Perry

When I saw her outfit yesterday the first thing that came to my mind was “how is she supposed to sit?. Katty Perry was the human version of the word ‘lit’ with her iconic chandelier themed dress. Designed by Moschino, the vibes, sparkly look was an instant “all eyes on me” moment on the carpet.

7.     Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has achieved the flamboyant fairy czarina look, and she did it with rosy cherry floweret beads in her locks. She stepped on Met Gala’s pink carpet on Monday in a soft ruffled Giambattista Valli dress with a high-cut slip. Emma finished the look with soft pink eye shadow and a pair of colorful floral pendants that gave us significant forest fairy vibes.

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