Cisco’s Recent study, say’s 82% of Consumer internet traffic is #video – is your video strategy ready for 2018?

Hello video marketers, in this story, am going to help you with some of the tips to develop a better video marketing strategy, as it is not possible to give you any concrete step by step strategies for you to just take it and apply in real time, because, the ideal strategy can be made only when we have all the necessary data about a particular brand or business, and several important questions to be asked, like, what is the product / service? Who is the audience? What is the budget? Etc… Based on which you create a strategy. So, for our story, we will see on the steps or ideas that can help you create better strategies.

“Video is growing very quickly on Facebook. A lot of people compare that to YouTube. I think that kind of makes sense. YouTube isn’t the only video service, but I think it’s the biggest, and it probably makes more sense to compare Facebook video to YouTube rather than Netflix because that’s a completely different kind of content.
– Mark Zuckerberg”

It’s a Necessary component in most content marketing strategies

A recent Cisco study says, by 2021, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be #video [meaning from Video consumption], so most of the time it is labelled as the high-cost endeavour with low returns. And there is another myth, the big budget video’s will reap great success, nope! Unless until the story is clear, and it is educating, entertaining and inspiring them, people will not show any interest to what you want to share with them as a brand, and the worst of all is the direct sales pitch, which makes them walk away from you, possibly not returning to you.

So, my step 1 will be learn better about the Brands purpose, the very existence for it to sell or serve to its customers and try to create a video with a mix of fun in learning, meaning, more of education in an entertaining way. So, this impacts the returns immediately, nope! Eventually it turns your audience towards you and make them a patron of you, this power is evident in Video marketing.

by 2021, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be Video.

Consistency is the key yet Creativity is the core

Always have a big picture for a Quarter [Q1, Q2,Q3], never plan for more than a quarter, in my experience, the shorter I plan, I tend to have more complete picture of what I have to achieve in terms of reaching audience, increasing watch time, planning a decent budget for some of the audience engagement activities, also helps you in measuring after the quarter. With this short-term planning, we will know the big picture, and it is easy to plan on the list of my videos – so consistency is achieved and get more time to just focus on the videos I have decided – so there is time for creativity.

Work on the budget–think of the person or team responsible for the Content

It can be an Individual, an In-house team or an Agency that helps you in creating the content depending upon your budget, When you think of video marketing, the major platforms you eye on is YouTube and Vimeo, the same will be shared in almost all or relevant social accounts of your business, so, you don’t need an Agency, or an Individual to help you get the content, because most of the time Agencies were little too big on budget, and individuals may not be available all the time for you, so always try and find the strengths in your resources, make it a fun task for them and encourage them to be your in-house, so that you can work out a decent budget than the  and invest in a team that you can rely on and expect to produce the output consistently.

Your Conversion strategy and Performance Measurement

Often times, your Video content marketing should be a part of your Conversion strategy, which is the big picture, and it happens only in your Official website, not in the YouTube, Vimeo or social platforms, these platforms let your content live, but you should make use of the links that could backlink your website in relevance with video to the right landing page to get the full circle of your Customer Journey.

In conclusion, the more consistent, you are in bringing out the content to your audience, the most important trends that you can incorporate this year are the Live streaming, as the audience engagement ration is considerably increased for several brands this year, also the One-to-One video, this type of video is popularly used by many brands in customer service context to help answer their customers relevant questions, to put it simple, FAQ’s in video format

So, take advantage of the growing video interests and keep winning clients!