Netflix is all set for the upcoming month with the highly anticipated season 5 of Black Mirror. As the streaming war is at the peak among media Giants, Netflix seems to stay a step ahead. The trailer just got released and there’s a lot to unwrap of it. In this article, I’ll be breaking down all the things that you need to know about the upcoming series. It has only three episodes which makes it a lot shorter than the previous seasons. Let’s swiftly check out who stars in them and what I think they’ll be about.

If you want to go into the show as blind as possible then I highly suggest that you stop reading right now as there will be spoilers ahead.

Let’s jump into my black mirror season 5 trailer breakdown.

The primary thing you need to know about season 5 of the Black mirror is that it releases worldwide on Netflix on June 5th. The show is apparently technology-focused and it has a lot to do about smartphones and the current internet culture. It’s definitely going to deconstruct the views we have about technological advancements of the tomorrow. Check out the trailer here before reading further.

Episode 1:

The first episode stars Andrew Scott, who seems to be sick of the culture around him. We have seen him nail the performance as Jim Moriarty in the BBC series Sherlock, an intense role which continued until 2017. Scott’s character seems fed up of the way that people are continually on their smartphones. He is doing something tense in order to avert people’s eyes from their phone screens. He seems to have taken someone hostage and become a fugitive. The funny thing is people really appear to be more bothered about filming the action in front of them. I think this will be interesting as this is definitely something that we can relate to.

Episode 2

The second episode stars Anthony Mackie who gets hooked by his wife gazing at pictures of girls with his friend on his phone. This is clearly a remark on Instagram and photo shopped models that always appear perfect and how in real life things don’t really happen like that. We apprehend that our society might be in the middle of a dominant toxic advertisement of a perfect female body that simply guides to more disappointment. I surely think this is a remarkable episode as body expectations and relationship anxiety can often be imputed on social media and the volume of fakeness that runs into it.

 Episode 3:

The third episode stars Miley Cyrus and her fans are excited about it. I think that our society has crossed the limit for idolization of celebrities, and it’s becoming harmful. It has forever been unnecessary and absurd but it has now become absolutely offensive and pitiful. This episode is clearly a critique of how people equate themselves with star figures and think that their lives are poor and somehow inadequate. It feels like a view on how idolization can give a lot of negativity in one’s life that grows hard to get over.

Overall, I think it seems like an excellent season and I can’t wait to see what technological advancement issues it tackles. Black Mirror has always been extraordinary and it deals with subjects with respect in ways that I think that most shows don’t.  I’d love to your thoughts on the trailer and if you took anything else from it comment below.

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