Blackmagic’s New Pocket Cinema Camera – Will it Over throne, the popular peers GH5, GH5s, and the latest Sony a7 III?

To me, on paper Blackmagic have nailed it, this camera is what am looking for in my dream camera setup, the one companion for all my needs, I professionally shoot corporate Interviews, and YouTube production works for clients and for my own YouTube channel as well. Let’s see why it is far ahead of its peers in price, performance, features, etc…

The Camera that threatens the peers, before arrival!

Build Quality is way better than the previous version

We may not forget the still successful, BMPCC 1080 version, who is reigning as one of the best cameras in the RAW HD shooting sector. When it comes to the dynamic range or the colour science it is no less than any peers in the HD segment. Having said that, it has its own pros, cons. One gripe about the body of the camera is it doesn’t feel premium in your hand, and many more. All your requests were heard! Indie film makers. Finally, it seems like some vendor have listened to all its customer’s voices and came up with a bang saying, there is “NO HOLDING BACK”, seriously we have seen the recent releases from various vendor trying to throw every feature in to the newer version to beat the competition, in which Sony brand pioneers it, by launching the Sony a7III, definitely the best of the rest till date.

Why I switched from Davinci Resolve to Adobe Premiere again?

Black magic’s davinci resolve is my go-to colouring tool for all my projects.  I have great regards, for the application and the innovation they put in to deliver their products, was happy when the new Resolve 14 and 15 rolled out with more benefits, yet 14 worked well for me, 15 with my coffeelake build, got crashed heavily in the middle of a project and caused me a serious headache, though nothing to complain, as the Version 15 is till under beta, but luckily, I have both the Premier and Davinci workflow in two different machines, so it’s a narrow escape for me. Hopefully the stable release of Resolve 15 holds well in the future.


LP E6 Batteries and Type C are the real blessings

Since, am a big time Canon shooter, I have the EF lens, and LP-E6 battery’s, the big sigh of relief is that new BMPCC 4k uses the LP-E6 batteries, as I have more than enough with me. If you are a canon shooter, you can say hurray! I love this. And moving on to the I/O’s, this time Blackmagic have made my pupil dilate, as I have seen the XLR audio input with a fully-grown HDMI connector built in !! are you serious, and a Type-C to connect the external SSD, oh my GOD!

Flexible power options, that will blow you away, in Blackmagic’s own words, “You also get a locking DC power connector so it can’t be accidentally disconnected in the middle of a shoot. The included 110 – 220 volt plug pack can be used to simultaneously power the camera and charge the LP-E6 battery. Plus, it includes international socket adapters so it can be used anywhere in the world!”

5” Touch screen – with 3D LUT monitoring!

The Super large 5” touch screen, but not like the GH5 family, the screen is a fixed screen not the movable and flip type like its peers. But the monitor thing is always subjective, it depends on the kind of shoot you do.  For, me I would also use the external monitor at some scenarios, so it depends. The OS, is the same clean and light UI used in URSA, now that’s good news. In addition, the 3D LUT monitoring is available, an is not only monitors, it bakes the colour of your liking to the recorded footage as well. This is seriously insane, for the price we are going to pay.

Who likes to change their Cards, while shooting an important scene?

As, I don’t like to change my memory cards, but that’s the truth with Canon, the cards are super expensive, if you are a 4K shooter, and you are restricted to the CF + SD card combo, it is always a trouble to change your card at the most important time of your shoot. But not anymore, with Blackmagic, you got, Type-C port and you can connect the external Type C supported external SSD be it 500 GB or 1 TB, a one-time investment, and forget about changing the cards. Thank you Blackmagic, am getting emotional here!

My Verdict

Alright, it is surely, a next gen 4K digital film camera, with Elegant Modern Design, compatible with EF, MFT, PL and even other brand lenses with relevant adapters, all the features bundled at a Price range, 1295$, which translates in to Rs. 1,02,100 in INR. And the Icing on the cake is the FREE RESOLVE studio 15, I can’t wait anymore, I have bookmarked the product page and eagerly refreshing it every day, to see the COMING SOON button GO! And the BUY NOW button Come!

Note: Yes, Blackmagic was notorious in the past for unknown delays, not delivering what was promised, but his time am ready to believe that they deliver it all to smack the teeth of their mockers, including me.