The Challenge

Client is serving in the Home decor retail space for more than 2 decades, have created 2 major brands for curtains and blinds with capabilities in manufacturing and distribution. Have their own retail showrooms in 2 prime locations in the city. Over the last couple of years, they have seen a sudden dip in footfall, which directly hit their sales negatively. They have a decent social and digital presence, but a major part of the sales happens thru retail.

As the sales gone down, the marketing budget got thinner, and eventually crippled their advertising and promotional efforts.

The Process

After a thorough study on their historical data, and several visits to their stores, and sessions with their loyal customers, and key stakeholders, we understood the lack of Customer experience at all brand touch points both online and in Retail stores.

  • Our study showed, majority of the target group is hesitant in visiting, due to its physical positioning and locality of the showroom.

  • Also, Retail branding wasn’t inviting and required a fresh re-launch.
  • 3rd thing is their Online presence and marketing campaigns in a bad shape not contributing to the financial growth of the brand.

Store re-location strategy was created, and a strategic flow of customer experience created from the entry to exit. With a focus on know me/ help me strategy.

The new store has become more welcoming to visitors, a grand re-launch was organized and every existing customer, have appreciated the brand for understanding their pain points, which reflected a 65% increase in the footfall per week, we laid out the products strategically, and all the touch points of the customer journey were taken care of, as a result the brand has seen a sudden spike in its overall revenue.

While working on stores, an actionable go-to-market strategy was created with a  major budget allocated to strengthen the digital presence, and the unique value proposition started to reach the customer and increased the brand’s competitive advantage.

Store Visit & Social Engagement

After the re-launch of their new retail space, they have seen 65% increase in the footfall per week. And Social media engagement increased by 200%.


Increase in sales

Leveraged ROI: 138.1% thru paid marketing campaigns. 44% increase in retail conversion rate, contributing to 34% increase in sales volume.


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