The Challenge

Client is one of the trusted vendors and suppliers of builder materials and hardware accessories to many major players in the southern part of India. They are in the million dollar revenue bucket, but the past couple of years have presented lots of hurdles in the form of growing small market competitions, and newer trends of using digital have disrupted their sales and impacted the growth potential heavily. And they are desperately looking for a real solution, having tried different agencies and online marketing professionals, they were not able to change the continuing downstream.

The Process

Visited all their branches and had a long review session with key stakeholders and partners to understand on their existing challenges, and reviewed their existing data on and offline. Continued our analysis on their competition and reviewed the presence, and capabilities.

  • Thru the strategy workshop, crafted a clear brand messaging, brand’s Unique value proposition, and what is the brand’s promise for its customers.

  • Their brand identity needed a major revamp and online presence was in a bad shape.
  • Created an insightful marketing strategy for organic growth and a paid marketing strategy separately to revive the dying sales.

The discovery session helped us identify the problems with Branding, dip in footfall and store branding.

Our Rebranding helped them gain a momentum, and better appreciation from their key stake holders, and the customer engagement was improved thru diff. loyalty programs, and the brand started to see a considerable increase in the footfall.

The store re-branding, and a strong digital branding, with a clear message about the brand thru various social media platforms have largely paid off by increasing its awareness, and impacting  positively by better reputation.

Paid marketing campaigns targeting primarily the B2B customers, which was quiet a challenge to break thru, yet it worked for the brand. A Zero-based budget strategy was created to slowly penetrate the B2B segment in phases and increased our budget based on the customer engagement, also created diff, offerings for diff. target groups in their category.

Helped them in a acquiring new manufacturer partnerships, and today they have a solid network to face the future inquiries. Thought the pandemic was a real testing time like it is for every-one of us, our insightful strategy on product vs market trend helped them in sustaining sales with short term trend based products, to survive the pandemic.

Brand Engagement

thru Social : 2.7Million; Google mybusiness: 649k; 45% footfall increase in primary retail location.


Increase in Sales

Paid marketing Campaign yielded, ROI : 344.44% ; Retail sales have seen 16% YOY growth in financials.


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