The Challenge

Our client is a seasoned, passionate hotelier, having a successful run in the sweet shop for decades and carrying the knowledge to the restaurant’s domain, and had a couple of branches in strategic locations.

Disruption due to new entrants!

 Though they were financially a successful venture, they identified their lack of brand engagement, to pioneer the competitive landscape. They also were aware of the slow dip in sales at some of the existing branches, due to an increase in new entrants at some of their locations. There were seasonal downfalls in sales at some locations as well.

The digital landscape is also ignored for quiet a while, as they have focused on daily operations and seasonal productions at their rental facility.

They were burning huge investments for seasonal productivity, as the seasons were very important for every Sweet, snack producers of the country. Also, they are the major source of revenue to balance the off-season mishaps, this is more common for most of the fresh consumable producers in the country.

The Process

As always, we have started to explore the gaps in their brand engagement with a holistic approach, not just digital, we traveled and visited all their industry peers, from various cities of operations. And had very long discussions with key stakeholders, customers, and well wishers.

  • Our travel, have given us the ideas , and awareness on the areas we lack. And where our real strengths exist. In most of the cases, The positives outweighed negatives.

  • With the positive note, we first addressed our digital presence, and we took a decent time in reading almost all the reviews of last 3 quarters, and understood the customers grievances, and addressed almost all of them.

  • A clear brand and operations strategy was created with a priority on boosting the operational efficiency first and then to every retail branches across the city.

In-order to avoid the huge investment burning every season, a central production facility was planted with the collaboration of experts in the industry.

Unhappy employees will result in unhappy customers, and the result is the destruction of the business. So, the attention was given to employees benefits, and growth within the administration, and HR specialists were brought in to create an efficient and functional human resources. A plan was created to acquire the best resources thru various head hunters in the country.

Thoroughly Reviewed all the retail locations, and created our list of rebranding recommendations. Our solutions, and advise have helped the brand resolve some of the pressing challenges that impacted the growth, engagement, and revenue.

Let’s Make Things Happen

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