The UX strategy Challenge

Client is a well-known architect in the luxury real estate space, for more than a decade. Known for their artistic excellence in the architecture world. So, to understand their level of creativity and storytelling is in-itself a challenge to us.

The requirement was a one page application style website, but a lot has to be told about the brand in this one page website, this is more like wrapping a 25 page website within a single page look-alike, and make sure the flow of the brand’s story is seamless and engaging from entry to exit.

The Process

We did couple of discovery sessions with their Principal architect cum founder, and some of their strategic partners, and team members, to understand the overall OKR’s expected out of the successful launch of this website. 

  • Challenge 1: A complex yet clear story in their mind, complex becoz it needs to be a one-page application; clear becoz, they know what they want to present to their customers.

  • Challenge 2: the expected duration to complete the project.
  • Challenge3: For such a customization we cannot rely on any wordpress based solution, so we have to come up with a combination of programming languages to keep the complexity behind and functionally engages the User without any lag in the flow.

The strategy is to create a cleaner flow of customer journey from entry to exit,

A storyboard is created and refined after several reviews, and we decided on creating it with html, javascript, and Jquery, created a set of standards for image optimization and a manual for all the best practices for Google page speed optimization, like cache, page compression, render blocking etc..

This is one of the interesting, challenging and more rewarding project, technically for us as a team, in all our UX projects. The finished product after deployment received greater appreciations for the client from their key stakeholders, partners and their loyal customer groups.

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