#Web30 took the internet by strom last week as the citizens of cyber space celebrated 30 years of dialup connections. It was excitement and nostalgia at the same time.

March 12 marks an exceptional moment in the tale of the internet: it’s the birthday of the World Wide Web. The infinite network of devices we know and love as the web is now a bright 30 years old. I thought this is a great time to share a few insights with you.

Let’s start,

Clay Shirky is an American writer who primarily focuses on the social and economic impacts of Internet technologies.

Clay states that, The only way to convincingly imagine a world without an Internet is to imagine a world without civilization, and then to a first approximation, the Internet has become our civilization.

The Internet has become so vital that you cannot imagine a life without it.

Know the difference:

Before we dive in any further it’s significant that we know the variance between the internet and the World Wide Web. Are you rethinking your ability to explain what the web actually is?

Get this: The internet and the web are two different things. The internet is a colossal labyrinth of computers that are consolidated by their capability to interact and transfer information through a network. When you go “online,” you’re putting your machine in touch with millions of other machines that are linked to the network, known as the internet.

The World Wide Web is a globally admitted way of accessing the internet. Simply if the internet is a galaxy of information, the web is like a spacecraft that lets you travel along the galaxy.

What’s happening on the internet? 

The answers are fun and inspiring. In this Millennium social networking and e-commerce has reached new heights. According to the 2019 stats, this is what happens in an internet minute. Approximately,

  • 3.8 million Google searches
  • 3, 90,030 apps downloaded
  • 188 million emails sent
  • 1 million Facebook logins
  • 4.5 million YouTube views
  • 87500 people tweeting
  • 996,956$ spent online and much more.

About half the world’s population uses the internet.

Internet usage and media consumption through social media platforms have also changed the way companies market themselves.  If we take a look behind the pictures of the brands that achieve the greatest success on the internet, many of them share something in common: It’s treating ‘marketing as a service’. It is the only counteractant to the continuing media inflation and the audience’s shift from newsfeeds to stories is apparent.

Internet is the new fast forward button to consumption

You will be pretty amazed if you realize how internet has sped up things in our life. The below infographics gives the number of years it took for each product to gain 50 million users. What took years to accomplish is being done matter of hours with the help of the internet, that’s how enormous it has grown. It is almost unpredictable how it will be in another 30 years.

Today we rely on the internet for our day to day needs; everything we do is influenced by the internet. This leaves us with a great question mark.

Do we control the internet or the internet controls us?

The World Wide Web is 30, and it should have made us rational, more generous and tolerant. Instead, it feels more like a portal, which let all the wrongs into our lives. We must all hope, that we can tame the World Wide Web, and be its’ master by using education to create a digital awareness, we can turn that anticipation into reality.