The destructive effects of climate change are already appearing all over the globe. From burning heat waves in North America to hurricanes in south-east Asia and rigorous droughts in Africa and Australia, no country or population is immune. These issues hurt infrastructure, property, health, productivity and ultimately destroy wealth and well being. And they are remarkably expensive: warranted losses have increased five-fold in the past three decades. The tremendous financial costs of climate change are having a disastrous impact on our common wellbeing.

What’s happening?

Students across the US stepped out of school and into the streets a couple of days before with a demand that people running the government should start taking action against climate change. The protesters united a global campaign of young activists who are striving for a tomorrow on a livable planet.

The protests took off from a 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who got nominated recently for Nobel peace prize. As dozens of protesters are getting arrested in the process, they are not giving up!

The organizers of the protest as they spoke to BBC claim that,

“They wanted to disrupt “business as usual” and highlight the “climate and ecological catastrophe unfolding across the globe.

The Green Dream:

In the United States, Vast majorities of Americans back almost all of the pivotal ideas in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal (GND). GND focuses on an extensive program of investments in clean-energy jobs and infrastructure, expected to change not just the energy division, but the complete economy. It is intended both to decarbonize the administration and to make it rational and just.

It is a long way to go before the green new deal becomes a policy and fights its way to becoming legislation but the role it has to play in the upcoming elections is notable indeed.

Japan is planning on ratifying a long-term policy on climate change that would authorize the country to achieve “net zero emissions” as early as possible in the next five decades.

Climate change is already a key issue in the Australian elections. There’s not a single party that doesn’t promise to improve sustainability and address climate change in its manifesto. Especially a party called ‘The Greens’ has the most aggressive climate change policy, beckoning for 100 percent of power to come from renewable resources as soon as possible. This is one side of the world.

Climate change and developing countries:

While the developed countries are addressing climate change among themselves, the developing and underdeveloped countries with almost a quarter of their population starving simply don’t have time for this. When daily needs itself is challenges those people don’t understand climate change or its effects. The bitter truth is, these people leading a miserable marginal life under the strong clutches of failing neo-liberal policies will be the ones dying first when the actual destruction of climate change strikes.

One step at a time:

Reports say that we are well past the stage where simply planting trees would save the planet. We need to do a lot more than that.

Most policies presented on this subject not viable, it’s just going to cost us more. There are politicians who talk about these issues just look cool or gain power. Fossil fuel industry is here to stay and there’s a lot of power games involved.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

_Mahatma Gandhi

We can lessen global warming emissions and assure communities have the support they need to resist the effects of climate change—but not without effort. It’s time to take action in your life. Reduce your individual contribution to global warming and set a model for others by using fewer fossil fuels and electricity in your daily life. Now is the time to act! Now is the time to change.