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Sivakumar aka Shiv

Principal Strategy Consultant
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Witstuners Strategy Consulting

“Shiv is more like a brand psychologist, his approach to finding the vision, meaning, and unique value proposition was enlightening even after running the business for more than a decade”

Parthiban, Managing Director

Nithya Amirtham chain of Restaurants

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What segments provide the most value potential for my company?2021-01-06T19:09:42+05:30

This plays into today’s data-rich marketplace. Analyze the options and look for the one that has the most value to you, meaning it’s large and profitable enough for you to realize your financial goals. Have you identified, which segments are cost-effective and easy to reach? When it comes down to developing your behavior, influencing tactics positioning is key. Did you know how you can position your product or service to steer towards success. Book a Consultation with us, we can help you sort this out.

Generating traffic and qualified leads is often a big challenge for any organization. What you should do?2021-01-07T19:33:41+05:30

Certainly a thorough research on what type of content your customer is looking for? a better understanding on your target audience and their choice of content shall solve 50% of the problem. The rest is to identify the ways to communicate with your target group, and consistently deliver them in all the platforms they are actively in. Hubspot’s 2020 research report says that, “53% of consumers want to see more video from marketers in the future, while only 14% want to see more blog posts.” so adapting to the growing trends maximize the opportunity for qualified leads.

Measuring ROI is another challenge every organization face year over year?2021-01-07T23:05:50+05:30

In all the survey’s, the most pressing challenges companies face in their marketing efforts is measuring the ROI, As per Hubspot’s research, In fact, only 53.85% of marketers surveyed say they even measure Customer Acquisition costs. ROI is often a crucial stat that helps you measure your campaign success or progress. Tracking ROI is always not easy, and that too when there is no proper communication between marketing activity and sales reports. This is where SLA helps you, companies with an active SLA are 34% more likely to experience greater year-over-year ROI than those companies that aren’t.

What is a good brand strategy? how to create right message?2021-01-08T00:08:33+05:30

A good brand strategy must be planned, tested and optimized. But at the same time, it should have a right balance of analytical and emotional quotient. As, Seth Godin, says, “a brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that last, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to chose your product over another”. A well-told story is unforgettable, and it motivates consumers to care about your brand and helps with recall.

What is ABM? Why it is important in your firms growth strategy?2021-01-08T01:29:27+05:30

ABM – Account based marketing is the highly targeted growth strategy, think about this for a minute, you could start selling to your high value accounts without wasting time in marketing effort and bypassing the unqualified leads, how good it will be. This is made possible with ABM. As hubspot defines, “The process allows you to align your marketing and sales teams from the get-go to promote long-term business growth, delight customers, and boost revenue”.

The common challenges of digital marketing in 2021.2021-01-08T01:45:12+05:30

As per, smart insights survey, 45% of firms were doing digital marketing without any strategy; 17% have documented the strategy yet ineffective in application; 38% have integrated in to their marketing strategy. The survey results shows the major challenge is not having a clear strategy and just spending money in vain. Clear strategic goal gives the right direction to go, tap in to the intent of the searchers, and browsers, to convert in to raving customers.

Some of the pressing challenges enterprise facing in digital transformation?2021-01-08T02:05:18+05:30

Organizational resistance to change; lack of a clear vision for a digital customer journey; ineffective gathering of customer data across different touch points; omnichannel adaptation and poor analytics; Living with the legacy business model.