More than 5,000 developers, creators, and entrepreneurs came together to discuss the future of technology at Facebook’s event F8 2019. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook opened the two-day event with the essence of how they are creating a more privacy-focused social platform.

Updates on Design, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, AI, and VR got announced during the event. Let’s go through them one by one.

Design updates

Facebook has just published a brand-new, design for that tenders communities tab more centralized.. The company claims that FB5 is simplistic, faster, and more immersive. It is effortless to find what you’re looking for. Facebook has also introduced Dark mode for the view only tab, especially to avoid glare and allows the user to focus on the video. Many people think that the design update resembles Twitter design in many ways.

The messenger app: faster and lighter

Facebook says that they are reconstructing the messenger app from scratch to make it faster and lighter. Facebook has added features that allow people to watch videos together.

  • The new messenger allows you a dedicated space where you can find Stories and messages of your closest friends and family. You can choose who sees your post.
  • As an initiative to make it easier for businesses to connect with customers, the new messenger app allows making appointments with the customer in the inbox.
  • Also, Whatsapp will be available with a new product catalog which allows customers to have a look at the products available.

Facebook Dating- Secret Crush

It almost feels like Facebook is all set to contend with tinder with this new update. Facebook allows you to add up to 9 people from your friend list to your secret crush list and if they have also added you to their list, it’s a match!  Facebook will send you a notification that both you have a Facebook crush. If your crush hasn’t turned on the Dating option, doesn’t form a Secret Crush list, or doesn’t put you on their list, no one will ken that you’ve listed a friend’s name.

Other updates are for people who are interested in meeting new people nearby within communities and locations. The events tab is getting enhanced and there will be a shipping option made available on the Facebook market place.

Instagram updates

Following Facebook Instagram is also getting a few significant updates. Now you can shop on Instagram. When a creator wears something you like you can click on it and go straight to the buying link of the product. Instagram offers a new option for your fundraisers and the money goes 100% to the non-profit organization you are raising funds for. The camera is also getting an update so that it’s easier to use popular creative tools like effects and interactive stickers.

Other updates

Other than these updates which will be or already in your hands there were other announcements about Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and AI systems. Facebook also has announced a device called Portal on F8 2019.  Portal integrates messenger and Whatsapp and allows making end to end encrypted calls with friends who are connected. Pre-bookings are open for the VR system Oculus Rift and Oculus quest.  Both start at $399 and you can pre-order today at

We have more coming ahead, so keep refreshing!

Picture from Facebook Newsroom