Recently this week, Google rolled out their ever-popular mailer in a new avatar, I have tried the new update, and was happy to see couple of features, so following are the features that I feel as a good addition, as an ardent Gmail user like many of you …
As I check mails mostly on the fly, with my one-plus, the important enhancement or feature according to Google, is the improved Notification filter, which will cut 97 percent email notification with Google’s Intelligent AI system that aggressively filters the less priority one’s. We should wait and see, how this feature holds up in the real-world experience.

ONE-TAP UNSUBSCRIBE PROMPT, is the interesting addition for me, no more open mail scroll down then click unsubscribe, just tap and move on. Let’s be honest how many times we read everything that we subscribe to.

New UI looks better!

Coming to the look! I kind of like it, with the material design the forms, and the capsule type button looks better in terms of UI. The UI looks clean and feels lighter, the new design looks promising for the better.

Having said that, the majority of features were focused on Gmail for web, the business users will be more happy to see some of the key features, all of you who use google calendar a lot like me can really smile, now, we can see the calendar icon to the right pane of the application all the time, no need to open the cube menu above and go to the calendar app as it stay there in our view all the time now and when you tap it, it rolls out and get you the schedule, not only that, being organized is always a TAAAASK  to me, so we people can take advantage of the tasks and notes feature, thank you google for the addition.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

Take advantage of email- snoozing and smart-reply

Now comes the Feature, Email Snoozing, though it is common among the third-party email apps, its Google baby! They integrated with the Gmail now, for those who used Google’s inbox app, yes, it is the same snoozing, smart-reply, etc… and yes, one can expect that these features will get better as Gmail is Google’s flagship app.

Ok, if you are wondering on what snooze does? Its simple, if your inbox gets tons of emails every day, this happens to every business users, bloggers, youtubers for sure, in this instance we generally use the labelling feature and sorting feature to keep it organize or you may create a separate folder to deal with it later, yet it ends in losing your inbox memory.

So, this snoozing comes as a fix for all these trouble, when you hover over snooze and set a timeline, Gmail will pop back the mail to your inbox at the defined schedule as a fresh email. Also, another addition, NUDGING, for those of us who constantly loose emails even after snoozing, the Google’s AI [Artificial Intelligence] will resurface[re-position] the mail in the inbox to remind you for follow up or reply. That’s cool…

I am Self Destructed Boss! Catch me if you can…

Confidential Mode, this feature allows you to control your recipient for how long they can be allowed to read the email, this you can do while writing your email, your recipient cannot forward, copy, paste, print or download your content, having said that screen shot is there always! But yes, according to google, when the recipients account ever gets hacked for your important mail, the confidential email you sent is long gone [“I am Self Destructed Boss! Catch me if you can…”]. Also, an added 2 factor authentication, with the second is SMS passcode to read the email. Hopefully it stays secured aka confidential!

Alright, these are my thoughts on the new Gmail features, and I forgot to tell you, these features are for regular Gmail users now, if you are a business user, ask your G Suite admin to enable these features by enrolling in G Suite Early adopter program.