There’s no life without hurdles. Whatever your aims or desires, you’re obliged to face barriers before attaining your targets. You’ll invariably have to fight through difficulties and suffer some discomfort before you reach the end you call success.

If your effort is inspired and fueled by determination, then giving up or letting it go is not an alternative. You’ll discover the strength and endurance to see past the obstacles and barriers along your path and focus on finding answers. The story of Gomathi Marimuthu is one such story that can inspire millions of women all over the world. The entire village of Mudikandam, Tiruchi is overflowing with pride after Gomathi  won her first Gold medal in the 800m event at the Asian Athletics Championships.

Gomathi has clinched the gold medal in a sensational style with her personal best of 2 minutes 02.70 seconds.

                                       Gomathi Marimuthu with her gold medal. (Source: DD National/Twitter)

The Road to success

Gomathi was the youngest among four children of parents, who were farmers. She was the only one among her siblings to attend college. Providing for her family was Gomathi’s only purpose at that time. Shruthi, a friend from Gomathi’s college motivated her to seek her passion for running. She continued to train even beside her career at the Income Tax Department in Bengaluru. Deep inside she always knew this was her calling.

In 2013, Gomathi took part and took the seventh place at the Asian Championship held in Pune. Again in 2015, she finished fourth at the same Asian Championship event in Wuhan, China.

Gomathi’s athletic had to come to a pause when she lost her father in September 2016. She had to support her family since and barely had any time to practice. A groin injury made things harder than they already were. Sadly, in 2017, Gomathi’s coach suffered a heart attack and lost his life.

These unfortunate events made her miss both the Commonwealth Games, and the Asian Games. Lastly, in 2019, she made her approach to the Asian atheletic Championship and it gave her the fruit of labor.

“Things have been very challenging in the last few years. But I have never had any disbelief about my capabilities” says Gomathi.

Amidst all the trouble and hardships she had to face Gomathi has kept her head eye and met the world straight in the eye. As women, that is the kind of courage that inspires us and keeps us going.