A safer, more agile and more effective Google is reaching you soon. During the Google I/O developer conference 2019 on Tuesday, the company revealed a number of updates. Every corner of the Google ecosystem from search, Google Assistant to the next generation of Android is preparing for transformation.

In the keynote, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated the company’s mission of Google is moving from finding answers to getting things done!

  • Pixel 3a and 3a XL debut
  • The Nest Hub Max, Google’s latest smart home display.
  • Breakthroughs in AI, AR and speech recognition technology
  • More control over their privacy with new security features.
  • Accessibility updates and Live captioning for Videos were the core of the event’s latest ventures.

Let’s check out each of them in detail

The new pocket-friendly Pixel phones

We demand a lot from a Smartphone these days. We want the best camera, a tool that offers uninterrupted connectivity, with a reliable battery and all of this shouldn’t break your bank.  The new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are all of those things and more, for half the price.

Pixel 3a is created to suit beautifully in your hand and holds an OLED display for stunning images and vivid colors. It is available in three colors—Just Black, Clearly White, Purple-ish—and two sizes. Prices at the U.S. start at $399 and $479 for the 6-inch model and the 5.6-inch model respectively.

Google’s Home is now a nest

Google has declared that the Google Home series will now be rebranded below the Google Nest umbrella, and it published a new product for the line: the Nest Hub Max. The machine is basically a blend of the Nest camera, Google Home Hub, and the Google Home Max. The awesome thing is it offers a security camera, intelligent display, and speakers all in a singular device.

The most exciting thing about the design is that it has a camera built-in. The camera can also perform facial recognition to bring up personalized results between members of your family, with the company noting that processing happens locally, so no facial data is transmitted over the web. As Facebook in its F8 2019 spoke a lot about privacy, Google now has said that it’ll provide granular privacy and security controls to consumers, and a choice to merge their Nest account with their Google account. The Nest Hub Max will arrive later this summer and will be available for 229$.

Android Q- Everything new

Google has introduced the first beta of Android Q back in March, but yesterday it revealed the most significant user-oriented features with the third beta release. These changes include 3 awesome updates which now have everyone talking.

The Dark new theme

The Q 3 beta offers a new Dark Theme for every regular Android app. earlier in a Q beta version; it could not be turned on or off. Now, you can pick the dark mode manually or turn it on using power saver mode.

Digital Wellbeing

Instead of snoozing all notifications, with digital wellbeing you can silence particular apps from sending notifications for a particular time. This is called the focus mode!

It also offers more parental control by linking accounts between parents and kids. Parents can set app limitations to apps the children spend more time on.

Smart Reply suggestions and automatically opening maps when someone texts an address are noteworthy features.

Live subtitles on all videos

Little things make greater impacts; this new feature for Android from Google might just be one of them.

Imagine being in a packed, clamorous location and not being able to hear what’s happening in the video. Maybe you or someone you love has trouble hearing or you want to keep the volume much low so you won’t interrupt the people around you. Live Caption is there for the rescue!

Faster Updates through Project Mainland

This project has been taken up by a 3rd party company called Mainland and it was like this was like frosting on a cake. Google has just spelled out that you need not reboot your phone for minor security updates; you can download the updates straight from the Play store.

The Incognito Map

Google Maps will soon obtain an Incognito mode for more private searches and this will be available for both the web and on the app. It’s notable that the company has announced that it will delete user data after a period of every 3-18 months.

The all-new Google lens

Google is presenting it easier for users in developing markets to gain knowledge around them through Google Lens. You can now point your camera at a bit of text and Lens will begin reading it out loud. Wait it doesn’t stop here, it also translates the text real-time and it is available in over 6 languages at launch. Wavering Google Lens over publications that Google has partnered with can also bring images to life.

Google Duplex

Now Google doesn’t just stop at finding the best hotel nearby, now it extends up to booking you a room there and taking you thereby booking a cab all by itself. You can Ask Google Assistant to organize a trip, and it’ll begin filling in website forms such as reservation details, cab bookings and much more, on your account. It just needs you to validate the things it’s included. It exceptionally can now write emails in an almost mind-reading way without much prompting.

Google is also getting an upgraded driving mode which operates on voice control. You can now attend calls and even change the music without leaving the map page by using just voice controls. The alarms and reminders stop when you say stop, you don’t have to say ‘Ok Google” every time.

Google Stadia

The company introduced the cloud-based gaming platform at the GDC gaming convention in March.

Stadia is intending to offer the game streaming to anybody with internet access and the Chrome web browser. It fits with Chrome cast Ultra and Chrome and all other devices with access to chrome. One of the trademark characteristics is the capacity to shift from one machine to another in just some seconds, enabling gamers to carry their games with them anywhere they go. Stadia will also enable users to hop into a game they might be watching in a YouTube video.

Google’s Stadia goes one on one with Apple Arcade as both services are set to launch soon. Pricing and availability aspects are yet to be stated.

We’ll update this post as soon as we hear more from Google, so keep refreshing!