Google has recently stated that one out of three Google searches is local. Almost all internet users are exploring products and services around them. It could be any place, a place to eat or enjoy a cup of coffee or even a joint to spend time with friends- Google is the partner we all reach out to. We might even search for a dentist, a physician, a prosecutor, or even an accountant. Hence, if you run a business of any kind, it’s more crucial than ever that your company data show up in these Google searches.

Do you want to use Google My Business to leverage your business? Keep on reading!

A comprehensive, validated and optimized Google My Business listing is a quality that customers have grown to trust. But why? How does it help your business to rank better?

1.     Why do customers value this listing so much?

Here’s the thing. The listing offers valuable insights to the customer like,

  • Location and how to reach you
  • Real-time Pictures and videos of your business
  • Opening and closing time and ultimately it offer
  • Customer reviews which are the modern “word of mouth.

If you are starting to worry about how to do it, here we are to help!

2.     Procure your business on Google My business listing

You can build a Google My Business profile within an hour. You can get it to seem glorious in a couple of hours. To begin, click and hit the ‘Start Now’ button and follow the instructions. If you are able to understand and follow this article you won’t be having a problem in understanding and following Google’s guidelines.

Note: Check if there is already a business profile existing in your name if so try and claim it by verifying your address with Google. If not you can start a new one without much trouble.

Now you have your own business profile on Google, let’s get on with how to improve it.

3.     Share valuable information

Some of the most essential parts of a profile that your customers might be looking for and that would spur them to visit are as follows:

  • Add Store/Location Hours
  • Searchers value customer Reviews
  • Add call now option for mobile users
  • Unverified profiles might have wrong information about the business which can result in losing a customer or two.
  • Complete profiles attract more users than incomplete ones.
4.     Pictures and videos make a difference

Photos, especially 360 Degree virtual reality type photos that create a  tour-like experience can make your profile interesting. Try to achieve the essence of your profession in the banner and add different images of your building, office, personnel or products so that likely visitors feel relaxed and comfortable about your business. Outdoor shots also benefit lost customers to recognize your storefront from the road.

5.     Maintaining your Google My Business profile

Nothing looks inappropriate to a potential customer than a profile that hasn’t been updated for months. Visit your profile every day if possible. Add status updates, reply messages and problems, and reply to customer reviews. Stay adept, kind, and modest and you will appear the most trusted. Most importantly complete your profile

6.     Customer Insights like never before

When you’re adding stuff regularly to your Google My Business profile, the Insights tab will present you with a treasure of data. Visibility, engagement, and audience are the three chief segments.

By using data from these segments you can see how the audience interact and engage with your profile and know what pulls the audience more.

7.     The Value of Reviews

Reviews are a way that allows people to assert their feedback, they will obviously do so. These reviews will be read. Keep in mind that the public believes other customers reviews more than anything you post. Receiving reviews is very significant and it determines conversion.

If you are done with the basic profile creation, take it to the next level by adding quality content and encouraging feed backs. Keep an eye out for your insights and watch your business grow like never before.