Lexico Urbano Branding

Branding Design  +   UX, UI development + Responsive urban dictionary website

Lexico Urbano, is a spanish urban dictionary targeted towards, Spanish speakers, who live in the different parts of the world to learn more words in the rich spanish culture, students, business learners, and tourists can also make use of this e – dictionary, and is made responsive for all the devices.

  • Bliss Van Amsterdam
  • Online Dictionary App
  • Branding, UX, UI, Web development
  • Miami, Florida
  • www.lexicourbano.com
It is always fun working with shiv and his team, being a small team is their strength, they work in unison, and deliver on time.

– Bliss Van Amsterdam / Founder, Lexico Urbano

The Challenge we faced in this brand building is the Spanish language, as we are foreign to it, we have to do double-check in all the round trips for approval, correction, grammar, etc… It was not an easy trip though! it took us a while to get in to the groove, but language is an expression, all we need is time and love to learn it. Eventually we learned some words too ! at the end of the project, we felt like a Spaniard 🙂

A corporate design based on the idea of generating design with user data created through the usage of the brands products. Every user has his own identity and can individualize his own products based on this adventures with the brands products.