Samsung seems to be panicking. The Galaxy Fold isn’t working as anticipated. The world’s premier folding phone, intended to show off Samsung’s technological capacity, literally got ripped into pieces in reviewers’ hands. Recently Samsung got so startled about iFixit’s teardown that the company obliged the review to be removed from the Web.

The Galaxy Fold is irked with issues that keep on heaping up. You can’t excuse by saying this is simply a first-generation product. There are primary user concerns that are unacceptable on any Smartphone, much less one that costs two thousand dollars.

The upside

The smartest thing to do is head out to a store and play with it because it is honestly a marvelous thing to play with. Beyond that, it’s a symbol of status and a little sneak peek to which might be the future of smart phones.

If this was a usual phone, we’d be using a lot of time discussing the usual stuff you talk about with phones: the speed, the specifications, the cameras, and much more. The Samsung Galaxy Fold seems to be performing very well. It’s quick, it has a lot of room for your pictures and data, and it has exceptionally high-grade battery life. It also clicks great photos.

The Key issues

On the downside, these are the key issues users have been facing,

  • There are a notch, a crease and an air gap which we are not used to in regular smart phones. Users simply have to get used to it or pretend that it’s not there.
  • It has a deeply fragile display which means tapping it the incorrect way can end in a tragedy of the screen shattering.
  • The air gap in the links lets dust and other scraps to accumulate between the folding mechanism and screen.
  • The protective layer available over the screen is not meant to be peeled off. It definitely looks like you should peel it off like you do in usual smart phones but this is apparently the simplest way to destroy your $2,000 phone.
  • The front screen of the phone which is outside the fold is unimaginably small and typing on it seems like a hell-bent task. According to reviewers, it feels like a super-powered lock screen and nothing more.

Delay in Launch

As of now, Samsung has called off its April release. The Galaxy Fold launch has been postponed as the company’s engineers try to fix the issues.

Samsung issued a statement to CNBC stating the delayed launch:

Are foldable phones the future?

Phones have become an essential component of our daily life. They have replaced personal computers and brought the world to our hands. Samsung Galaxy fold leaves us with a number of questions. Is it worth 2000$? Should we make compromises as it is only the first generation Smartphone?  Is it worth the risk of purchasing a phone whose screen is so delicate that it could shatter at any minute? It’s definitely not.

The device has opened doors to endless possibilities to the otherwise stagnant Smartphone world, but we aren’t there yet. If some other company or Samsung itself learned from its mistakes, we might have a foldable phone which isn’t so broke.