We are exactly a week away from Detective Pikachu’s release, reports of the live-action Pokemon movie are already flooding in. Detective Pikachu occurs in one of the richest, energetic sci-fi worlds put to the screen, full of remarkable nostalgic pokemon characters of the most ingenious (and adorable) design.

The pokemon Nostalgia:

Detective Pikachu has hoped to recreate what The Pokémon Movie, a 1999 animated masterpiece that witnessed kids drag their parents into theaters all over the country. The Pokémon Movie was a unique phenomenon that attained emotional depth in a superficial topic. We can say that Detective Pikachu, is an attempt that pays homage to Pokémons that made our childhood awesome!

Critic and fan views

Though the views from critics were not entirely positive, fans seem to cherish the movie. Critics think that the movie seriously lacks plot and the story becomes obvious in the first 30 minutes. I personally feel like that’s what it is meant to be like, as the movie is targeting kids basically and for the adults, it’s going to be all about nostalgia. The movie has received 71% in rotten tomatoes review and that’s the highest a video game movie ever received.

Fans have declared that Ryan Reynolds has done an incredible job as Pikachu’s voice. Detective Pikachu has represented Pokémon, a story with a big spirit, and Ryan Reynolds’ has nailed it with a smart, sensational performance as the main character. It’s easy to see why the movie becomes super effective.

Google releases ‘Detective Pikachu’ Playmoji for Pixel

Before Avengers: Endgame’s release, last month Google published Marvel superhero Playmoji AR stickers. The company is back now with new Detective Pikachu Playmoji stickers as the movie releases next week. The playground is now also accessible on picked Motorola and LG devices. Users can drag one or all four Pokémon into a view to take a picture or record video using the phone’s camera.

It’s raining Pokemon merchandise

As the movie is releasing in a week, Pokemon trump cards are making a wild comeback and Pokemon merchandise is flooding stores across the globe. Cinemas in Thailand are giving away Detective Pikachu Postcards. In Santiago, Chile is selling #DetectivePikachu cards for public transport.

Here are a few sites to buy Pokemon merchandise
Pokémon Center Official Site
Pokémon Merchandise | ThinkGeek

The Poke fever is catching up all over the world I’ve planned to binge on pokemon episodes this weekend. Until then, Pika pika pi!