Sprouts & Microgreens are the most nutritious foods on earth based on the high concentration of nutritional elements such as Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Co-Enzymes, Plant Energy as well as so many other trace elements contained in them which can easily range from 6-60 times (600%-6,000%) more than the usual amount a vegetable has on its optimum level of it’s grown life.

Now, why is that? How come a baby plant can contain such much more concentration of nutrition than a grown plant at its optimum level? …The reason is because once a seed (future plant) has been activated with water it is awaken and it is then when a biochemical process occurs within the seed that multiplies all these elements in order to create a new life: the life of the plant; and it is at this point that the seed naturally brakes from within that is it sprouted or germinated when it carries this unusual quantities of nutrients and elements.

As the plant grows from a Sprout into a Microgreen when it grows its first set of green leaves it still remains similarly concentrated with nutrition; once it grows bigger from a Microgreen into a baby green it starts diluting the nutrition as the plant grows and develops bigger and with much more fibre.

Eating Sprouts and Microgreens on a regular basis is known to heal the body and optimize its functions including its capacity to fight disease. You can also see the effects on a person skin, body odour, eyes, hair and nails.

So next time you have the opportunity to eat Sprouts and/or Microgreens remember that they are filled with energy and high concentrations of nutrition.