India startup ecosystem holds around 8000+ startups every year and will be 10,000 each year by 2020. We have curated a list of startups that can help making your everyday life simpler easier and better.


Bounce is a Bengaluru based startup founded by Vivekananda Hallekere, Anil G and Varun Agni. You can Pick and drop their Keyless scooters wherever in the city. All you require is an OTP! Their hassle-free connectivity and ease of use have made them one of Bengaluru’s best startups. The perk is they only charge 5 rupees per kilometer.


Carmesi has made its way into our list simply through their cause.  Carmesi produces biodegradable sanitary pads which are light, thin and rash free. The company states that,

“Millions of women in India do not have access to proper menstrual-care products. Carmesi resolves to provide a better and more confident future to all women. That’s why, every time you buy our pads, a part of our earnings goes as a contribution to providing sanitary pads to an underprivileged woman.”


Colive is a property management company founded by Suresh Rangarajan. This startup which aims at providing ‘branded serviced homes’ at affordable costs. The hassle-free system which provides you a high standard of living is what brings it to this list. Well, I am one of its users.


Hopon is a proven m-ticketing platform; passengers enjoy travel across urban transits. Their seamless program is intended to encourage all types of mass transit – buses, trams, trains, metros – and shared transportation.

They’ve built a universal end-to-end system that can be readily executed and served, simplifying the ticketing means for passengers, inspectors/conductors, and operations management.


Founded by Ashish Jhina and Karthik Venkateswaran this food and grocery shop is an online marketplace, which organizes the market ecosystem pretty well. It is one among the top 25 startups in India, which raised $8.5m in funding from Kalaari Capitals. JumboTail is pretty useful even for saving money as the cart shows recommendations accordingly.

Magic Crate

The magic crate offers educational activities for children, this edutech startup occupies children in a fun way. They tender learning more engaging with specifically created programs for children of ages 0-15 years. Building something, which children keep coming back to, is not a simple job but this startup has accomplished this mark. It can fairly be said that Magic Crate is a crate full of delight!


Seniority is India’s first specialty shopping stop for senior citizens. With a collection of thousands of goods, they provide to both therapeutic & lifestyle associated needs of the venerable aiming to make their life comfortable and more self-sufficient.


This is a comprehensive solution for all the metropolitan people who have a regard for healthy and smart food whether it is for breakfast or snacks. These protein and fiber-packed bars are made up of 100% natural and organic ingredients making it immensely popular among people following diets.

The Man Company

Founded by  Bhisham Bhateja, Mohit Saxena and Parvesh Bareja The Man Company presents grooming solutions for men. The products are enhanced with natural vital oil which not only make them a must-have product but also makes a great gift for your loved ones! Why should girls have all the fun?


Coolberg makes the finest nonalcoholic beers for you to relish any time of the day. It is a  Mumbai based startup that operates with an unusual idea of having a non-alcoholic beer. Coolberg makes the parties and gatherings easier for people who non-drinkers who feel odd with a wide range of flavors.


Operating in the fitness and health sector, Gympik is one destination to plan the perfect gym and health experience for anyone. Whether it is about picking the best gym or getting a personal trainer, Gympik presents a number of alternatives for all the fitness freaks.