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Recent Case Studies

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Luxury Retail Co.

We had ideas about starting a luxury category in mind, the team helped us with Business Strategy , identified market opportunities and crafted our brand strategy, and set measurable outcomes.

#Results Achieved

Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer.

Witstuners brand strategy has helped propel the company to a national visibility. When we decided to broaden our presence and services to all of India, it was a struggle until we met this team.  

#Results Achieved

Lifestyle Home Decor Co.

2 outcomes really stand out for me, 1. The way they helped us identify the problem in our existing branding and the customer experience in our retail stores, was a real game-changer…


Interior Hardware Store.

“Shiv’s knack of asking relevant questions to bring out the real problems we face, his expertise with hundreds of clients, made him think like an entrepreneur than as a consultant.”

#Results Achieved

Restaurant Chain.

 Not just research, analyze the data, they took the extra mile to get into the field to review, asses, and analyze the existing retail and gave us suggestion covering the 360 of the entire business spectrum..


Architect Studio.

“The team helped us in saving the rental expenses, one of the factors of our financial downturn, crafted our business strategy and aligned, brand marketing strategy to help us be back on track in the pandemic..”

#Results Achieved

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